The city of Brighton is located in both Adams and Weld Counties, and Brighton is the county seat of Adams County, Colorado. Brighton’s population stands at about  36,000 and its work force is still growing! With strong pressures to continue being an abundantly productive city, work place accidents occur often and many such accidents result in permanent impairment to the injured worker. 

If you or someone you know has sustained a serious on the job injury in the Brighton, Colorado area, you will need an experienced and knowledgeable workers compensation attorney to take up your cause and to protect all your rights under the Colorado workers compensation law. Attorney Abel Alvarado can help you.

In the Brighton Colorado work force community, as in anywhere in the state of Colorado, you want the best and most reliable lawyer to represent you. Attorney Abel Alvarado of the Alvarado Law Center is ready willing and able to assist you with your workers compensation case. He understands the Workers Compensation statutes and system and has been representing inured clients from Brighton and the entire state of Colorado since the 1990s. He has never represented workers compensation insurance companies and has dedicated his career to advocating only for injured workers exclusively.

For many years our clients from the Brighton area have requested and received Attorney Abel Alvarado’s advice regarding the analysis, presentation, litigation, settlement, and trial of their workers compensation cases. No other law firm in Brighton and the surrounding areas can match the Alvarado Law Center’s diligent and passionate desire for advocacy in working toward a successful outcome in your Workers’ Compensation case.

Whether you have sustained a work injury in Brighton or anywhere in the state of Colorado, if you are hurt in an on the job accident, you will face many challenges including extensive medical bills, lost wages, the loss of your job, permanent physical impairments, and the emotional trauma of your life being changed forever.

Any time you are involved in a legal issue, it is important that you get the highest quality legal representation as soon as possible. By working with an experienced lawyer such as Attorney Abel Alvarado of the Alvarado Law Center, you will have a professional advocate who will have your best interests at heart, you can have confidence that your case will be handled expertly and efficiently.  

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