Fort Collins is the is the county seat of Larimer County Colorado and it is the fourth most populated city in the state. It has an estimated population of over 161,000. Ever desiring to stay competitve, the Fort Collins economy requires a strong work force to push productivity to the máximum every year. Such pressure on the work force to exceed prior production levels often leads to serious on the job injuries, some of which can be life altering for injured workers.

Every year hundreds of people in the Fort Collins area are injured  while performing their work duties. Attorney Abel Alvarado, a workers compensation attorney, states that in order to aid injured workers in Fort Collins and in Colorado, businesses are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation insurance in Fort Collins should provide financial help to people unable to work due to their injuries and it should also provide medical care and even dependent family support in the event of a worker’s untimely death on the job. Depending on the severity of the injury and the length of time that a Fort Collins worker will be unable to work, workers’ compensation benefits should provide various degrees of assistance.

Attorney Abel Alvarado has a strong background in the Workers Compensation system and understands the nuances of Workers Compensation law. As a workers compensation lawyer, Abel Alvarado of the Alvarado Law Center, advocates for your rights to receive all your workers’ compensation benefits in order to provide you, the injured worker, with financial assistance to help cover the cost of missing time at work, lost wages, and medical expenses. If a legitimate workers compensation claim has been denied, Attorney Abel Alvarado can help you to take legal action.

For many years the Alvarado Law Center’s Fort Collins clients have requested and received Attorney Abel Alvarado’s advice regarding the analysis, presentation, litigation, settlement, and trial of their workers compensation cases.

Attorney Abel Alvarado, a preeminent workers compensation lawyer, represents clients who deserve compensation benefits. He understands that when employees are injured in the scope and course of their employment, several issues arise. The Alvarado Law Center team will work diligently in representing injured workers to win their compensation benefits. As a bilingual attorney, Abel Alvarado has the experience, knowledge, and passion to help injured workers obtain the maximum benefits they deserve under Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation law.

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