The City of Longmont is a growing community located in both Boulder and Weld County, Colorado. Longmont’s population is 87,000 and its work force is steadily increasing in numbers in the Longmont community. With such a strong work force, work accidents in Longmont do occur nearly on a daily basis.

The Alvarado Law Center’s Longmont work injured clients have requested our advice regarding the analysis, presentation, litigation, settlement, and trial of workers’ compensation cases over the years. No other law firm in Longmont can match the Alvarado Law Center’s diligent and passionate desire for advocacy in working toward a successful outcome in your Workers’ Compensation case.

Attorney Abel Alvarado strongly advises our Longmont workers compensation clients to learn more about their rights. At the Alvarado Law Center, you can be assured that your rights will be protected and that all efforts will be expended in order to secure your maximum workers compensation benefits under the law.

Attorney Abel Alvarado of the Alvarado Law center is committed to protecting the rights of injured workers in Longmont and throughout the surrounding areas. The Alvarado Law Center can address workerscompensation claims related to work accidents, work-related injuries, certain types of workplace exposures and repetitive motion injuries and permanent disfigurement.

Attorney Abel Alvarado of the Alvarado Law Center represents injured workers who have sustained severe back injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burns over the entire body, blindness, as well as amputation of limbs and other very serious injuries. He also represents clients that have been so severely injured that they are permanently totally disabled.

Attorney Abel Alvarado is fluent in both English and Spanish and is ready to serve you as your lawyer in your workers’ compensation case. You, as a working member of the Longmont work force community, deserve the very best representation in your workers’ compensation case.

Attorney Abel Alvarado of the Alvarado Law Center is ready to defend your rights. Call him now at 303 867 6666. For our Longmont clients, call our Greeley office at 970 353 0247 and make an appointment. It’s a quick drive from Longmont to our office, and you will be provided the very best in workers compensation representation.