When work accidents occur, it is important to contact a knowledgeable and experienced attorney serving the Loveland, Colorado area. Since the 1990s Loveland’s injured workers have long trusted Attorney Abel Alvarado of the Alvarado Law Center to represent them in their serious workers compensation injury cases. Unfortunately, accidents do occur and people do suffer from injuries that are not their fault

Having Attorney Abel Alvarado on your side can also get the insurance companies to take you more seriously. Most people believe that because they have workers compensation insurance through their work that they are covered from injury; however, insurance companies may not accept your work injury claim and at the end of medical treatment they may not offer you a fair settlement.

At the Alvarado Law Center we have experienced situations where client’s bonafide work injury claims are denied due to the insurance company’s denial of liability or denial of coverage. If you find yourself in this predicament, experienced lawyer Abel Alvarado can help you litigate your Loveland area workers compensation claim. The Alvarado Law Center can help you obtain an award for maximum benefits under Workers Compensation law.

Attorney Abel Alvarado knows that a serious workers compensation injury can change your life. At the Alvarado Law Center, we understand that you may suffer the loss of income and be placed in collection for unpaid medical bills, doctor visits and therapies, and that you may be held responsible for many different expenses which the workers compensation insurer should be liable for. This injury was not your fault. You should not have to suffer from these expenses, nor should you be caused further hardships after your work injuries. By contacting Attorney Abel Alvarado of the Alvarado Law Center, you can protect yourself from unfair treatment by the workers compensation insurer and even the employer.

For our clients in the Loveland area, we offer the very best workers compensation representation and we strive to listen to our client’s needs and goals, and we work to provide an outcome that maximizes our client’s meritorious claims whenever possible.  That is why for many years injured workers from the Loveland area have requested and received Attorney Abel Alvarado’s advice regarding the analysis, presentation, litigation, settlement, and trial of their workers compensation cases.

No other law firm in Loveland Colorado can match the Alvarado Law Center’s diligent and passionate desire to provide injured workers with a successful outcome in their workers compensation cases. Call Attorney Abel Alvarado of the Alvarado Law Center to make an appointment today.

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